Valentine III

You were so beautiful,
In everyway,
So amazingly wonderful,
I think of you everyday.

This is so hard to believe,
I miss you so much,
All there is to do is grieve,
Can’t call, text or touch.

I know you’re no longer here,
It’s so hard to say,
Every now and then I cry a little tear,
Then I remember you’re with me everyday.
Not in sight, sound or touch,
But always in presence,
I know you’ll always watch,
You’ll always leave me with your beautiful presence.

You were my soul mate,
We both knew,
Nothing can prevent fate,
Not even me or you.

I’ll always love you,
I promise to never forget,
The girl who was so true,
And left no regret.

I don’t believe your life was short,
As your father once told me,
This world is an airport,
And you my sweetheart have flown free.
Like a bird.
Off to a new start,
A whole new world,
Always in my heart,
All tattered and curled.

Give us a big smile,
Even though we’re all hurt,
We all live our lives in a different style,
Knowing your resting is our only comfort.

Sarah, Kaden you were my world,
My absolute all,
Now my heart has been swirled,
I promise to never fall.
My life is dedicated to you,
I’ll live my life,
Just have to start a new one,
You’ll help me I know it’s true,
Just like our Love,
That got stolen from someone.

Endless love, never forget you – Sarah and Kaden
Deep in my mind, Tom

endless love

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